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You need an graphic art, like artwork, flyers, visit card, ect, you could soon buy from our store, but we can also do you an artwork, or you can buy a template somewhere and we can edit for you for an additional fee.


We are not designing video, but you can take a free template online or buy one, and we can edit it for you for an additional fee.


We can do your profesionnal simple one page website or we can do your settings to create your own shop online, we are specialise in prestashop only for now !


We can do anything about computer, need something let us know. Help you restore, reinstall your OS, clean your computer


Services Prices
Computing 20 USD/Hour
Tracked Mixtape 15 USD
Build Your Press Kit 50 USD
Create Your Advertising Radio Jingle 150 USD
Visit Card 25 USD
Artwork 20-50 USD
Flyers 75-100 USD
Lyric Video 20 USD
Create your differents artist account 30 USD
Distribute Your Music with Promo 80 USD
Website Design 120 USD/Hour
Edit Template 10 USD/Hour

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