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About Dream Sound Media

Dream Sound Media is a web platform that makes reggae and dancehall music conquer the globe.
Since 2010, we works with passion in the purpose to show worlwide the music who deserves more listener.

We are promoting DJ and artists by exposing their music on the web with a good SEO. We are present on most of the main streaming platform, like YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack, some more like Mixcloud or MixtapeWire for DJs.

We worked with some recognize Reggae and Dancehall producers, artists, djs, and we have more and more artists satisfy by their experience with us.

Dream Sound Media will make you gain visibility in the hope of spreading through FM or Web Radio music rotation. Indeed we are the best to make you reach the top reggae dancehall radio worldwide.

We have email to reach radio worldwide, but mainly in the USA, Caribbean Island, and more than the half are European Radio. Plus we can also put your music in rotation in NewZIK Radio the best in France.

We can put in our web your music, biography, press-kit, artwork. We can send newsletter, with a good opening rate. We can provide you a link who regroup all your music from the different platform and many more.

This service can be used by anyone, but keep in head that less you have notoriety and much we should work harder to get you the views.

We have offers adapted to each people at the lowest cost !!!

You can find all informations about our Promo or Services.

About Dream Sound Media Boss

Born in French Guiana (South America), I knew music very young, I was mainly listen Ragga, Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, and later some Hip-Hop etc...

The website has been created in 2010 by a group of friends. The idea of ​​creating this site was first initially came to me to offer music for people who do not have access, or because of the cost as young people can't spend money, because that was the problem I had as a young. It was also to make more people know about reggae dancehall music, because in my opinion this music has a real potential.

I also realize that lot of good artist stay in the shadow for many reason, they don't do the things properly, they don't have support, they don't have someone in the hand to guide dem. I start to promote music to help these artists to get more views and have a chance to become a decent artists !

Let's work together and get some good results.

***If you see your production, and want me to remove the free link feel free to make a claims.***

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