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Savage Savo Biography & Videography
Savage Savo Biography & Videography
Savage Savo

Savage Savo Biography Introduction:

Savage Savo is said to be the most versatile at changing his voice on a track. Savage Savo, born Simon Daley had musical experiences at the juvenescent age of 11 years old and . A past student of the St. Andrew Technical High School, he aspired to pursue a Career as a Medical Doctor however Music was to be his Deft and Mastery.

Early Life:

In 2016 he infiltrated the international music scene with a huge hit song called ‘CULU CULU’ on the CULU CULU Riddim, This has been one of his biggest hits to date. After dropping songs like ‘Jigggle Likkle, Whining Work, Whine Mama’, these are just a few of his followup hits.

Savage SAVO Videography

With his varied styles and versatility as well as his exceptional and prodigious writing skills has been making tremendous headways in the industry his positive energy and upbeat personality has poised him into becoming a formidable Artiste, Producer, Writer and Performer.

And with his new works, with collaborations with Artistes such as Vybzkartel, Mavado, Laa Lee, Gyption, Spragga Benz, to name a few has seen him catapult his way onto every Reggae chart and into the hearts of reggae Music lovers around the world.

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