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Barrington Turner Biography
Barrington Turner Biography
Barrington Turner Biography n Videography

From sneaking out of the house to go to street dances with such sound systems as Jack Ruby to now providing smooth, baritone messages to the world in the form of reggae music, Barrington Turner is becoming a well-known musical artist. He started is love with singing as a child in church but surely moved over to the dancehall reggae scene as well. Barrington like most teens loved going to the beach with friends, playing football but most of all being able to express his musical talents. Barrington is by no means new to the world of reggae music. He has held his own in clashes with many artists, such as Wayne Wonder at a Tyrant Sound clash. He has shared the stage with greats such as Lady Saw, Courtney Melody, Frankie Paul and Sanchez to name a few.

Being influences by a dynamic and out-spoken artist such as Luciano has helped to grow Barrington’s musical talents. He started his djing skills on Tyrant Sound System and Road Star Sound. During the summer growing up, Barrington would play football and go to the beach but what he remembers most is being around sound systems like Jack Ruby. Being around such great sounds and influences helped Barrington to give memorable performances at events such as Sting 2014 for approximately 15,000 people. It’s hard to believe that earlier on in his career, such an experienced artist had a fear of stage fright, but as he grew into the music, it became just a faded memory. He now has audiences yearning to hear his message and smooth deliveries. Barrington has a love for Souls, Jazz and Reggae music. He is most influenced by the greats, Beres Hammond and Dennis Brown which has helped to mold the artist he is today. Barrington is a very humble, observant, strong-minded and hardworking individual who many love to work with. He loves to share his stories with others leaving nothing but happiness and inspiration as he lays down the words that influence the tracks. Barrington performs not just to be known but to connect with his audience. He also loves to leave people laughing with his humorous jokes.
There is no place that Barrington will not try to express his talents. While working at hotels and assisting the guests, he would entertain them with his melodious voice. It has helped him to travel to places such as Antigua and give a remarkable performance for Tony Matterhorn’s Anniversary. From this performance, Barrington is able to appreciate music more because of the warm and overwhelming reception he received from fans. While he has many performances on his belt, it was not always a positive road to travel but this made Barrington work even harder to succeed with hopes of having thousands of fans satisfied.

After performing at his first event in Point Hill, St. Catherine on a Christmas night, Barrington became captivated by music. He sometimes invites a fan on stage and dances with them to mesmerize them even more. He has such a charming voice which has caused many recommendations and requested several times to perform at small functions, clubs and weddings. Barrington always encourages positive vibes and relays optimistic and conscious messages through his songs while always remaining an excellent role model. If there were ever any artists he could meet in his lifetime, they would be Iba Mahr, Chronixx and I-Octane so they could just talk music. Barrington has many accomplishments such as a recording deal with Diamond in the sky promotion and performing in several countries, but one he holds dear is his album, “You Don’t Knowâ€?, produced by Reggae Master. The tracks on this album have the listener believing he must possess superhuman powers to read people’s minds because he sings what the listener wants to hear.

Furthermore, Barrington sings from his heart and incorporates his journey throughout life in his music. The philosophy he follows is music is a powerful tool and should be used wisely. He writes songs that can charm any woman and appeal to a person’s struggles in life. This man surrounds himself with positively and aims to achieve a better life in order to pave a way for his family. He has a generous soul and tries to give back in the act of charity to the less fortunate. Singing his powerful melodies causes the listener to become infected with his words. Barrington is an experienced artist who lets nothing deter him from sharing his talents. He’s worked with many well-known artists and continues to remain focused on becoming a better artist.

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