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Kurry Stain Biography & Videography
Kurry Stain Biography & Videography
Kurry Stain

Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Adrian Lloyd Sabastine Currie, a.k.a. “Kurry Stain“, was born in the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica on the 16th of December 1993. Raised in a Christian family in Portland, his musical journey began in the church where he developed his passion for music. He further honed his skills as a tenor singer and drummer in his school choir.

Rise to Prominence:

In 2006, Kurry Stain showcased his talent by winning a LIME deejaying competition at the Denbigh show grounds. Despite facing challenges, including falling short in talent competitions like KFC On The Verge and Magnum Kings and Queens, he persisted in pursuing his musical aspirations.

Kurry Stain Videography

Breakthrough Moment:

Kurry Stain’s career took a significant turn when he participated in Popcaan’s event, UNRULY CLASH, where he garnered attention with his lyrical prowess. This led to his collaboration with producer Justus Arison, who recognized his potential and signed him as one of his artistes on the JA Productions team.

Musical Success:

With his breakthrough single “Party Nice” on the High Life Riddim in 2014, Kurry Stain gained widespread recognition. He continued his success with hits like “Sky Pree” on JA Productions’ Life Support Riddim in 2015, establishing himself as one of the hardest working artistes in the industry.

Continuing the Journey:

Armed with his witty rhymes and captivating stage presence, Kurry Stain continues to make an impact in the world of Dancehall music. He remains dedicated to his craft, constantly evolving his talent and skill, and striving for a lasting legacy in the music industry.

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