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Gabriel Tirado (2 Gudda) Biography & Videography
Gabriel Tirado (2 Gudda) Biography & Videography

Gabriel Tirado: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Musical Evolution

As a rapper evolves in their career, a sense of quiet introspection often emerges, marking the artist’s deep immersion within themselves. Gabriel Tirado, formerly known as “2 Gudda,” embodies this transformative journey. His artistry is a fusion of deep introspection and influential style, a testament to his growth and musical evolution.

Early Life:

Born in 1994 to a single-parent household in Riviera Beach, FL, Tirado’s early life was marred by the challenges prevalent in his environment. Despite the adversities, he discovered his passion for writing and music at the age of 13, quietly honing his craft. The adversities he faced shaped his mindset, instilling an unwavering determination and an entrepreneurial spirit that bloomed on the streets.

2 Gudda aka Gabriel Tirado Videography

Musical Beginnings:

In 2016, driven by his fervor and the desire to create a better life for his family, Tirado committed himself wholeheartedly to music. His network and undeniable talent garnered him collaborations and support from renowned artists such as Lil’ Boosie, Beenie Man, and Lil Baby, marking his journey into the music industry.

Breakthrough and Career Highlights:

Transitioning from “2 Gudda” to Gabriel Tirado, his musical rebirth represents a renewed commitment. His upcoming EP, “Progress Report,” is a testimony to his emerging status as an artist and as a young man navigating the intricacies of today’s world. He aims not only to entertain but also to educate the next generation on the importance of a business-oriented mindset, inside and outside the industry.

Joining Roc Nation’s Equity Distribution marked a pivotal moment for Tirado’s career, granting him a platform to assert his independence while reaching a broader audience. His debut single, “Cash Rules,” featuring Lil’ Baby, and the subsequent release, “Never Had Nothing,” encapsulate his journey from rags to potential riches, reflecting his passion for uplifting his family and communities.

In a conversation with Forbes, Tirado shared insights into his background, the message behind his music, and his aspirations. His music stems from raw emotions and experiences, resonating with universal themes that connect with diverse audiences. His inspirational message to persevere and keep dreams alive echoes through his music, instilling hope and resilience.


For Tirado, the transition from adversity to triumph resonates in his lyrics. As he continues to evolve, he stands as a testament to the underdogs who have risen to claim their crowns, inspiring others to push through struggles to reach the other side of success.

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