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PC/Mac, £99/$129

Cross, from French developer Mixvibes, has undergone numerous updates over the past few years, resulting in an impressively extensive feature set.

The application features a highly customisable interface that contains four decks, two eight-slot samplers, eight assignable cue points and 14 different effects. There’s support for a range of controllers (more than 80 at the last count) and digital vinyl systems, and it’s possible to import your music library directly from Pioneer rekordbox (which was itself developed by Mixvibes).

There's SoundCloud integration, too, as well as the more predictable option to delve into your iTunes collection.

There’s also a cool iOS remote control app available, which can act as a second screen for browsing tracks or a way to use the software decks remotely. Oh, and there are versions of Cross available for not only Windows and OS X, but also iOS and Android devices, making this a truly cross-platform offering.">Find out more about Mixvibes Cross

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