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Atomix VirtualDJ Pro

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PC/Mac, $299

VirtualDJ Pro isn’t cheap - at $299 for the Pro version it’s the most expensive of the straight DJ applications in this list by some margin - but it does offer some hugely flexible ‘pro’ features.

Most notably, VirtualDJ Pro can run anything up to 99 virtual decks (obviously, it’s not advisable to try mixing 99 tracks at once, but it’s an impressive amount of flexibility nonetheless.) It’s also ReWire compatible, meaning it can be run in conjunction with a variety of DAWs, opening up a whole world of performance possibilities.

The software also features audio line-ins, and comes with mappings for a fairly substantial range of DJ controllers. The latest version (8) added the likes of a Sandbox feature for private mix previewing, an enahnced sampler, an updated audio engine and more.

If you don't want to pay upfront, you can also subscribe to VirtualDJ Pro for $19 a month, and there are also free and controller-specific versions available.

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