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Serato has come along way since spearheading the birth of digital vinyl DJing more than a decade ago. The company may have lost its grip as market leader to Native Instruments over the years, but constant development has meant that Serato’s DJ software is still up there with the best.

With the launch of Serato DJ in 2013, the company finally combined the two disparate strands of its software - the digital vinyl-based Scratch Live and controller focussed Itch - into a single unified application.

The app has developed nicely since then, offering plug 'n' play support for a range of controllers, expansion packs that enable you to add to the software's capabilities, and multiple views that can accomodate both 2- and 4-deck mixing.

With the company now focussed on a single product, the future seems bright for Serato, and its software looks set to be a big part of the DJing landscape for years to come.

Serato DJIntro is a Small Version to try Serato, to have more Function you need to buy the SeratoDJ

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