Gully Bop with new another girl!

Gully Bop with new another girl!'s picture, Dream Sound Media

Gully Bop with new another girl!

📅Added:07/01/2016 - Last Updated07/01/2016

Since breaking up with one time ‘wifey’ Shauna Chin, Gully Bop seems
to be on a roll with the number of women groping his arm and wanting to
be his. Bloggers posted a picture with Gully Bop and another female yesterday claiming it to be his new found love, but the one hit wonder is showing that he is now “Every gyal man”.

Some facebookers commented that he should be focusing on himself and
what is left of his career now, instead of gallivanting with women who
only want him for money and five (5) minutes of fame.

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