#2016 Alkaline, The Revealed

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#2016 Alkaline, The Revealed

📅Added:07/01/2016 - Last Updated07/01/2016

Dancehall phenomenon http://www.dream-sound.com/artists/biography.php?id=5">Alkaline has now officially revealed his true eyes to his over 350,000 facebook fans which sent his page into a frenzy. Thousands of comments from both shocked fans and persons that felt outright cheated and betrayed by the young Vendetta clan leader were noticed.

When news first broke in 2013 that a young Danchall artiste called http://www.dream-sound.com/artists/biography.php?id=5">Alkalinee, real name Earlan Bartley; then 18 years of age had done something so outrageous and unheard of in the island of Jamaica and the dancehall diaspora on a hold which was known for outrageous stunts; by tattooing his eyeballs and risking it all to become a trend setter. This quickly send the media and natives of the island buzzing with questions which propelled the young artiste’s name and career almost instantly.

Everyone wanted to learn as much as possible about this youngster that would do such a risky procedure of injecting ink into such a sensitive part of the body  which could have lead to permanent blindness all for fame and wealth. Given the fact that this move by Alkaline proved to be so successful, other aspiring artiste decided to attempt and tattoo their eyeballs which included Mace who almost went blind while tattooing his eyes.

The Deception by Alkaline

From mid 2015 to now the beginning of 2016 we have seen where several photos have slowly surfaced on-line showing Dancehall artiste Alkaline sporting his natural eyes which lead most to assume that his famous “2016” slang was him highlighting that he was going to drop a big bomb in the year 2016. And he certainly did! – The artiste has always kept quite about his eyes being fake regardless of the many questions and doubters drilling for answers.

Now that he has made the big reveal on his personal facebook page that his black eyes were in fact fake. Many are requesting that he be penalized for betraying the trust of his many fans and outright lying to get a “buss”. And also for having led others to follow his example by permanently tattooing and damaging their eyes in an attempt to be like him and acquire fame and success.

Comments below:

“Mi did a tell mi nigga them she the dawg eye them fake an them nuh believe .. Big up still Bredda nth nuh wrong all about the money up scheem”

“I don’t care who disagrees with me but this is my view. He looks much better without those contact lens. His music is still good regardless if him eye pink, white, black of whatever”

“Bwoy!!. U style our black people my black people… But some people to fool to admit.. Me ave a family u tune in to a fool because me swear nobody couldn’t fool him r tell him nothing bout u lol but u did it bro.. Big up uself alka me Nah hate pon u but just keep it real whit u fans because them look up to u an every other artist keep real”

“Fake ass n#gga ass licking mf bun up fi b#tty wash man”

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