Pinkii Pinkx have "Di Glue"

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Pinkii Pinkx have "Di Glue"

📅Added:25/09/2023 - Last Updated25/09/2023

Dancer/Business Woman now recording artiste Pinkii Pinkx has released her first single called 'Di Glue' produced by Future World Production.

The single, Di Glue, has been doing exceptionally well and has been gaining steam in Jamaica and across the rest of the Caribbean. Pinkii Pinkx couldn't be happier with the feedback that she has been getting.

“A lot of people were surprised because no one saw it coming but I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback since the release of the project, everybody has been telling me that they love the song, especially from the females who are sure they have “Di Glue,” said Pinkii Pinkx.

The single was released on August 25 of this year and is now available on iTunes and all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, and Amazon Music via OneRPM. The sound is available on TikTok and Instagram. Also, the Official audio is on the artiste's YouTube channel (PINKII PINKX WORLD).

There are plans to shoot a video for the single soon. In the meantime, Pinkii Pinkx has been locked in the studio creating the right vibes for more projects to be soon.

“It was fun working with my producer, When he reached out to me and sent me the riddim I didn’t hesitate because I was familiar with him and I knew I wouldn’t have to worry because I would be in good hands. Being in the studio was definitely an awesome vibe. So Big up to my producer @retlawthafuture and big up to my baby daddy @gk_transformablazzaz for supporting me every step of the way,” said Pinkii Pinkx.

The artiste, whose real name is Theomoy Rodney, is known for her talented dance skills and is focused on making her name once again in the entertainment industry this time as a recording artiste.

“The type of audience I’m looking to reach overall is basically everyone in every age group, I won’t be doing music one way, I’ll be doing music that can reach from the young to the old. However this particular single is definitely for 18 and over,” said the artiste.

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