Solydz Buzzing In 'London' With Latest Track

Solydz Buzzing In 'London' With Latest Track's picture, Dream Sound Media

Solydz Buzzing In 'London' With Latest Track

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Jamaica-born Scandinavia-based Dancehall and Reggae producer and artiste, Solydz, is on the verge of taking the world by storm with the release of his latest track, “London”. Officially dropped on April 30, 2021 under his Jahcanaz Music label, Solydz wrote and produced “London”, making sure to stay completely involved in every aspect of constructing his music. Of course, it is already receiving the greatest traction in the United Kingdom.

“London” has gotten the attention of the popular British disc jockey, Seani B, who premiered the uptempo track on his weekly Sunday night show, Call or Delete, on Twitch and interviewed Solydz after listeners voted to have Seani B call the talented artiste about the exhilarating song. After attracting such rave reviews, Solydz is doing all he can to amplify promotion in order to keep the momentum going and spread the buzz to other areas.

Living in Denmark for years, the self-proclaimed “Kanye West of Dancehall” is making waves on several Danish radio stations as well and is hoping to gain more recognition in his home country of Jamaica. To date, “London” is mostly racking up plays on all streaming platforms.

The inspiration for “London” came from the fact that there are so many Jamaicans in the populous city in England and Solydz wanted to highlight the confidence of a Jamaican, in general, where ever we go. When asked why London, Solydz responded: “I think London has a strong Jamaican community and the impact of Jamaican culture on the language and lifestyle is vast.”

With “London”, Solydz hopes to show his versatility where his music is concerned, as each song “to me, is a separate piece of art that I create on its merits.”

What’s next for Solydz? Two new singles on the horizon. First to drop will be “Bad Ina Dem Place”, then later on will be “Stamina” for the ladies, of course.

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Date: June 2, 2021
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