Allfaces Ent Records Release ‘Money Time Rhythm’

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Allfaces Ent Records Release ‘Money Time Rhythm’

📅Added: 10/05/2021 - Last Updated 10/05/2021

Allfaces Ent Records has been enjoying success with the release of the “Money Time Rhythm”. The rhythm features international star Teflon with his song titled “Energy Dem Wah Drain”, Drezee “Touch Street”, Breeza Sparta “Never Drop the Standard”, Kushgad “When We Play Games”, Jay Addition “Hunt For Da Money” and many more.

Each song has been doing extremely well each earning a place on FM Radio since its release in March of this year.

The acclaimed producer has been very busy in the studio supplying the demand for good, quality productions. In addition to the “Money Time” CEO Kirky Shines recently reopen the official location for his Bistro “Rythms Bistro” and Allfaces recording studio, the businessman is aiming to cement his name in the music industry and providing jobs to people.

“To be one of the top production labels out of Jamaica is a big deal for my team and myself, we only release quality productions. Allfaces Ent Records is about building young talents, we work with a lot of up-and-coming talents”, said Kirky Shine.

Available on major digital streaming sites through 21st Hapilos, the “Money Time” rhythm is currently creating waves on the international scene as well.

“I have high hopes and expectations for the current work I’m doing. I’m sure all releases will make a mark and will be appreciated by fans all over the world”.


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