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Andrew Rose aka AR, was born in Kingston Jamaica, to be exact Trench Town, the same place where the King of Reggae Bob marley grew up along with many other greats in the reggae music industry. As a boy he used to be around Toots and the Mantels where his first love for music developed.

His Father along with his 2 brothers and 1 sisters later moved to Spanish town after he mother migrated to the USA, where he got his education at Friend ship all age School.

By 1978 Andres moved to the USA to seek a brighter future, he did several jobs earning his honest living, until he became one of the top truck drivers in America trucking all across USA.

He a father of 6 later found the Lord in 2003 and became a Christian. Though a lover of music from his early childhood he had no thought of becoming a singer until he found himself getting words from God to which he put to paper then making inspiring gospel tunes.

2013 was the year he came to Jamaica after an introduction from his best Friend Benjamin to the Conscious Production Recording studio where he recorded 4 songs and the Release of his debut t Single "Don't Be Deceived", followed by the music video. This gained him heavy rotation on Radios and TV stations in Jamaica and all over the world.

With this success Andrew came back to Jamaica and within two months he completed 10 Songs for his debut album of the same name "Dont Be Deceived" on Benar Production, label owned by himself and his friend Benjamin.

AR on the GT (Gospel Track) a name he likes to call himself is serious about ministering the word of God realize the easiest way to do this is to put his messages to songs where he can leave a message where ever he drives his truck.

He has great inspiration to take the message wherever God leads.


Contact: US 1 (786) 663-7227 | JA 1 (876) 367-5795" height="318" width="640">

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