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10Tik born in Kingston, and grew up in Rockfort (outta East). with his twin sisters. He attended basic school in Harbour View. When he was 3 the teacher at the basic school said she did not know which class to put him in because he was too bright. She placed him in the last class for 3 years. So he was a genius but Jamaica don’t know what to do with children who are genius’, but we will talk about that a next time. 

His twin sisters passed their GSAT and they moved to Manchester to live with their father. 10Tik attended Mandeville Primary and Junior high then pass his GSAT and attended DeCarteret College. 

10Tik spent 5 years at DeCarteret College and passed 9 CXC subjects. Music became a part of him from he was 6 years old. No one in his family really sang, it was his twin sisters who loved music and dancing. They were the talk of the town when it comes to dancing , they were his motivation. They wanted him to dance too but 10Tik realized he love music yes but not dancing he loved singing.

After passing his CXC he became a Fire-Fighter for 5 years while still pursuing music. He decided to to quit being a fire-fighter to focus on his dream full-time. Even though it took him another couple of years to Buss he never gave up. In 2021 Roll Deep became a hit and that was what put 10Tik on the map to becoming one of Jamaica’s best upcoming artiste.

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