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In the space of a few months, 1pliké140 has managed to find a place in the current French rap game. With several projects already released, he is one of the artists with drill inspirations to follow closely. Gentsu invites you to find out more about it.

While Booba who regularly makes fun of Kaaris as recently because of his last album still not gold record represents Boulogne very well, there are other rappers who put the 92 forward. Indeed, thanks to PLK, the city of Clamart is in the spotlight. But he is not the only artist who will bring it to light musically speaking in the months to come. This is also the case of the rapper 1pliké140 who is gradually forging a place in the middle.

1pliké140 is a French rapper of Comorian origin born in 2001. He is from the district of La Plaine in Clamart. As for his influences, fans of Lyonzon for example might appreciate what he does. And for good reason, like the group from Lyon, the young man draws his inspiration from our British neighbors and their Drill. It must be said that this genre is slowly but surely arriving in France. It is therefore a big plus for him to excel in this musical style.

As far as his career is concerned, everything really begins thanks to his freestyles in drill mode that the rapper began to present between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. This is how 1pliké140 managed to get noticed by the French-speaking rap public. From there, he released his first EP dubbed 1PLIKTOI on June 12, 2020. The project is mainly produced by Binks Beatz. A good point for the artist.

It only took six months for 1pliké140 to come back strong with a new project. This second EP 1PLIKTO VOLUME 2 has ten tracks. Thanks to social networks and the confinement caused to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rapper was able to impress and get back “in the kitchen” by recording new nuggets in the studio. This young artist promises to send us heavy in the months to come.

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