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Mad LinQz was born in the westend of Toronto. She is the first generation Canadian to her Jamaican descendents. Her first words were sung at 9 months old when she sang “you light up my life.” A unique tone combined with powerful energy she had a style all her own and people noticed.

A true storyteller, LinQz tells stories of our complex lives and our daily living with music. Toronto is a complex city and she sings about that. What she sees is life. The good, bad, and indifferent. She sings our story, your story, her story, and even history. She has chosen music as an outlet to show you life through her eyes.

In 2011 LinQz gained the approval of Capleton when she won the Royal Family “Fire Starter” competition. This made her Toronto’s 1st original Fire Starter. As a reward for her victory she was invited to open for Capleton on July 1, 2011. In 2015, LinQz was named the female singer of the year by the PEABO Awards.

LinQz is determined to showcase Reggae, Hip Hop, and urban music. As founder of LinQz Entertainment, she is focused on highlighting talent in Canada and Jamaica. She knows real struggles.

Mad LinQz has a new single "Black Lives Matter" produced by Keron Williams (released by Street Digital Records) released late 2016. She is also featured on Keron Williams new single “What You Do To Me” released early 2017.

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