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Curly hair, wearing a cap, a thoroughly drawn beard and swaying, Benny Bellahsen embodies the cool attitude. Although born in Paris, he is a child of the west indies, and in daytime and evening he has many friends to greet. His good-nature is apparent even when driving his pick up, he criss-crosses the roads of Saint-Martin to "deal with problems of cockroaches in people." He has his own 3D company (Disinfection, Disinsection, Deratisation). A job he chose pragmatically on an island where employment is usually seasonal: "I can practice it all year."

Since elementary school where his friends and he tapped on the tables to make an instrumental then improvised on it, it devotes all its free time to the music. Benny a.k.a Yogsta is first of all a dancehall singer. After the recent Summertime, released in summer 2016, he backs with Outta control, featuring Vacaino: a purely dancehall title that speaks of "the power that women have over men" and invites us to dance. Online since February 14, the clip made by the G-Island team, known in Guadeloupe, had totaled nearly 4,000 views on YouTube in 48 hours.

More than a passion, "sound" is a real obsession. "When I went out of school I wrote songs the whole afternoon," he recalls. Opiniatre, he always wanted to progress in order to get to master his voice, now more powerful and more serious. "Even if you think it's good you know it's not quite right now," he recalls humbly. Although he has always considered himself a solo artist, he has participated in various collective projects since the college.

He and his friends first recorded in Cul de Sac accreditation studios until they met Loïc, DJ Getop, who had just finished his studies as a sound engineer: "it was the first Once we had access to a studio of this quality. It made us want to go further. " When he sees his friends come on stage for a concert at the omnisport hall and interpret the titles he saw them work at home, it's the click. He, who had not yet had the courage to do so, realized that it was possible to "touch people" and said to himself, "That's what I want to do." He made his first scene a month later at Accreditation.

"At that time, I had not planned a career at all, it was just for fun and I did not feel ready yet." He left to pursue studies in English and communication in Paris and recorded among other underground projects for Pierre House label Pierre Charville alias Hypnoz. On his return to the island, he has made good progress. His childhood friends, brothers Eyedol and Speyenol became DJ and sound engineer respectively, too. Together, they put on the Awesome Sound Records label and now they record all their tracks in their studio. "For the past two years, I've been really starting to feel like it," he says.

But living his art in St. Martin is almost impossible. He must finance each of his projects, from the purchase of the instrument to the making of the clip through the recording. "It's very expensive, otherwise we would be more productive," he says. "People have to be careful that in Saint-Martin there are artists in their own right, as everywhere. They have to listen, subscribe to the pages (Facebook, Youtube, Sound Cloud ...). He is currently working on his solo album, along with other collective projects. "We have a lot more projects in 2017, we have to get everyone connected because there's going to be a lot of it," he promises.

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