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Yohan Gene, known as Foxy Myller, is an urban-Caribbean artist born on December 4, 1987 and originally from the City of Port Louis in Guadeloupe.

He has been a member of several musical groups such as ADAMS Krew, Dirty Click, CW and has been pursuing a solo career.

He started playing music at the age of 8 at the time of the radio K-7, influenced by his big brother Rick Yaman, rapper, and Gaz Explicit (rap group of his neighborhood) and more generally by rap New -Yorkais and French (Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Lunatic, NTM).

He started to rape with his friends of the time, Jenone One, Nemes, Metaminos, Rakoon, Ndx, Losta in groups such as LCN (Black Wrath), BYRD GANG and others. He experimented with the various disciplines of Hip-Hop such as dance or graff and this until the current of his college years.

Then it is in 4th that it jointly mounts with Jenone One and under the pseudonym of "The Fox" the Group of Dance Hall ADAMS KREW with which they acquire each at their scale a small notoriety at the local level.
He made his debut in this group with a style of fast-style toaster very influenced by Admiral T which will earn him at the time some criticism of his elders who will encourage him to listen to more reggae and Soak up more musical influences.

He began to listen to artists such as Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Capleton and many others, while continuing to listen to American rap with artists such as Nas or the young wolf of the era 50 cent.

His style of Deejay / Toaster evolves towards a style of Singjay which will allow him to broaden his palette of musical color.

On the arrival of the high school years, the life of the artist takes a turning more turbulent and the music then passes a little in the background while its always acolyte Jenone One explodes at the underground level.

Although he then starts to set foot on the street, he still keeps another in the music. This is how he participates in Jenone One's Rafale Lyrikal 1 and 2 mix, this time under the pseudonym of "MC Foxe" and even takes the opportunity to place his first underground hit "Au Réveil" for which he will realize His first clip.
He made his first appearance on a commercial album on the album "Kouté pou Tann" by Tyrak (Former member and founder of Gaz Explicit), on two tracks entitled "an sé nèg" and "Pôpô story".

Thus, although little assiduous in music, his talent allows him to acquire the respect and esteem of his peers and an informed public in a few musical or scenic appearances (sound system, communal festivals etc ...).

In 2006, he left for France and for a while he put the music on the side until, in 2007, he set up Dirty Click with his friends Sonbé, Maz6, Kronyk and many others, all Originating from different cities of Guadeloupe.
They link different titles, freestyles and clips that will circulate mainly in the Caribbean music scene of Paris.

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