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RYAN ONEIL SHAW (Stage name – RYAN ONEIL) Singer and Song Writer

Since his 1990 debut in the music industry with his song Dreaming on the Oasis Label; Ryan Oneil has captured the hearts of music lovers with his smooth velvet voice and catchy lyrics.

Ryan Oneil Shaw was raised in the urban community of Kencott, Jamaica; later moved to Glendale and attended Melrose All-age school. After leaving school he began working on various construction sites as a carpenter. Ryan's musical ambition was driven by a strong desire to emulate his reggae/dancehall idol Sanchez, who is considered by many as one of Jamaica's best vocalist.

Like many singers and dance hall artistes during the 80's and 90's who began their music career singing on sound systems; Ryan Oneil, known then as Thriller T began honing his craft by singing live on the ''Black Magic” system. Impressed by his unique style, the owner of Black magic took Ryan to Arrow's recording studio where he had him cut several dub's. His zeal to become a recording artiste was realized when Derrick Parker arranged for him to meet with then top female record producer Olive Shaw (no relation). Slow down which she released on her Capricorn Record label was well received by his growing fan base and thus heightened Olive Shaw’s interest to produce Ryan's first album. Ryan began laying vocal tracks for the album when Olive Shaw died in a tragic car accident.

In his search for a new producer, Ryan Oneil successfully auditioned at Anchor and Music Works Recording Studio and was signed by legendary record producer Gussie Clarke with his song "Right Move".

Ryan Oneil’s success to date has led to recent recordings of "Ah nuh me” produced by Doni Marshall; “I’m Just Sayin" by Footsteps Records and video produced by Outa Road.  Live appearances on STING 2011 and Spring Break 2012 add to his accomplishments.
Ryan currently resides in Middletown Rhode Island and is father to Brittany and Ryan Jr.

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