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📅Added:20/05/2016 - Last Updated:10/06/2016
A talent is ready and set to take the Reggae and Dancehall arena by storm! His name ladies and gentleman is Sanjay!
    Sanjay was born in Jamaica, moved to New York City when he was three, returned to Jamaica and attended the High School along with other musical talents.  After completing high school, he attended Florida International University where he obtained a bachelors degree in psychology. Despite graduating with honors, music was definitely his true calling and he returned to Jamaica indefinitely – and decided to pursue it full on.

    Since his debut single “Strictly Physical” featuring Tami Chynn, Sanjay has gone on to collaborate with many other reggae and dancehall elites such as Vybz Kartel, Tanya Stephens, Beenie Man, Demarco, Tifa, Alaine, Luciano, Cecile, Aidonia as well as others. Having achieved regular radio rotation for songs such as “Belleh”, “Drop Dat,” “Head Top,” “Corners Of My Mind,” “Man of My Words” (Guardian Angel Rhythm), produced by Arif Cooper for Fresh Ear Productions Label, and most currently, “Chip Chop”  produced by Kirkledove Records. Sanjay has also worked with other illustrious producers such as Renaissance, Christopher Burch, Donavon “Don Corleoni” Bennett, Steven McGregor, and Michael Bennett.

    Sanjay has had many videos that have achieved local and international exposure.  With videos getting airplay throughout the Caribbean islands and even made it as far as MTV Italy. The video for “Man of My Word” also received similar acclaim, peaking at number 3 on the REtv MVP video countdown. Sanjay has also had a couple of his videos aired on BETJ and Tempo.

    Sanjay was also the featured artiste on the Travel Channel’s Hit television series, “No Reservation” with Anthony Bourdain, in the episode where they visited Jamaica.  

    Currently Sanjay is getting ready to release a new video for the new song and dance “Chip Chop” which features legendary Dancehall dancer Shelly Belly! Also there is currently a live album in the works that is set to be released towards the end of 2016.

    Sanjay sizzles with creative energy, intelligence and charisma. Sanjay combines his Indian, African and European ancestry with his American and Jamaican experiences to offer a different point of view and promises to make a mark reggae lovers will never forget!

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