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Hemrick Troy Bogle, also known as Ras Bogle is a Jamaican Reggae artiste.

His musical journey began as a child playing the trumpet in the Tivoli marching band and the magnificent troopers’ band. He did vocals at times and was very passionate about singing and songwriting.

His first studio encounter was at the Top Class Studio in Philadelphia, USA, where he recorded a demo track titled “She a bawl”. An official release soon followed, entitled “Pretty like you” produced by Raglan Productions. Ras Bogle then set about developing a musical career after receiving good reviews and encouragement from the music fraternity. This was evidenced by a plethora of releases including, “Free up yourself” done with entertainer pound sterling from the United Kingdom. He also composed “Cry for justice” which debuted at number 5 on the top 25 charts and received heavy rotation on the radio and television airwaves. Other prominent releases include “Stay far” and “Live clean”.

The artiste described his recordings as being revolved mainly around social commentary and topical issues. He writes about the things he observes around him on a daily basis and tries to create positive, soulful music. Ras Bogle’s style and delivery is highly reminiscent of the established DJ Ini Kamozi, and he humbly acknowledges this comparison. Ras Bogle has made several appearances at prominent dancehall and reggae shows in Jamaica. Some of his performances include the GT Taylor Christmas Reggae Extravaganza, Sting, Kingston Splash and Spring Break.

He believes that the society will become more depressed if the issues affecting us are not addressed by the relevant authorities and as a result he tries to portray this message through his music. Ras Bogle has been able to build a reputation in Jamaica and aims to spread his music across the world one show at a time. Already being compared to some of the legends in the reggae music industry, Ras Bogle is being seen as a future leader of the new generation of reggae musicians by industry professionals who know his music and corporate Jamaica.

Ras Bogle is enjoying his success in the industry to date and is continuing the hard work that has brought him thus far. His track entitled “Woman of the year” on the “All Rise Riddim” produced by SMS Productions in 2011 has brought him increased popularity especially in the dancehall industry. The song was an instant hit and was played frequently on Irie FM, Zip103fm and Hitz 92fm. The track continues to receive great reviews and heavy rotation on the airwaves locally and internationally.

“All I want to do is feed the planet with positive music; when the lights and water run out all we have is music” quotes Ras Bogle. “Having encountered many challenges and obstacles in the industry I never surrendered, people saw the good message in my lyrics so I decided to take the music to the world” he continued. He believes that he has a significant contribution to make to the music industry and he has continued belief that there is much more to accomplish musically.

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