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Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer is the current Stage name, back in 2001 the name was Fabulous P., it was changed because Fabolous came out with the name. Pete Atkinson is his real name, and he is 36. He attented I.A.R in NYC I Engineer and makes beats using Reason with a Synth and Protools.

Hip Hop & Dancehall are his main genre. His major Influences are Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Jay-Z, Bounty Killer & Lady Saw. Music was always his passion from his teenage years back in the 90's, he started to juggle records on his friends Sound System called Black Gold Sound System and going to Open Mic Sessions with his other Peeps.

He started to produce Beats & Rhymes officially in 2006 after he attended I.A.R for the first time and at that point he decided to make music his Carrer.

His Record Label is called X-Calade Promotionz and he is a Member of ASCAP. He use a Roland Keyboard with Reason to compose his Beats. The equipment didn't cost much, but it get the job done. He is currently using a MXL 990 Condenser Mic for his Vocals.

He is not currently performing and maybe will start up when he will get more Fan appreciation. His favorite Venues would be the Open Mic circuits in New York cause he like the Vibes he get from the Massive, Big Ups to his old Homies for the Links.

When ever or if he perform, he would do a song called 'Jook Out De Gal Dem' it's one of his original Songs.

He don't record or Perform Covers, he write his original songs better yet he Freestyle his songs with Topics about Girls Booty and the Clothes they wear and he does joints about what's popping with the Kid. He also rhyme about the Jump pan Sounds who can't DJ.

His whole song process starts with the Instrumental Riddim that He produce then he does the Vocals. He doesnt write before Produce the beats cause the beat helps him to build the Vybe for the Song. He try to do Songs everyday of the Week but it does not always happen cause the vibes sometimes around him is dead and most times its also live and well. It's pretty major to him the ways his song writing skills as improved cause he can remember not completing one song in a Week to now completing many joint per month. He went from not having his own style of flow to finding his own niche.

The biggest Challenge for him as an Artist is when he left the Music Industry to join the Military, He had to leave all his connects behindbut that move is still good cause he was able to meet new connects that created weekend gigis for him, so he would jam with them and record themselves  before posting the finished  producton the Web.

He is looking to broaden his Fan base by getting hid Joints out to the masses ans he is not really stressing the Fortune and Fame cause it will come with the hard work and creative discipline.

He would tell up comping acts that if music is your passion don't stop, keep doing your thing and Keep your day job cause you will need the Funds to make moves just in case your Music don't sell. He have learned that it take a lot of skills to win people over cause it pretty tough out there as an independent artist.

If you would like to download his Latest Joints, his Web Adress is: http://www.X-CakadePromotionz.com">www.X-CakadePromotionz.com a place where you can find Beats, Mixtapes and some serious Fabp joints.

He would like to Salute and Big Up all the Major Lavel Artists and Radio Stations that he have listened to and Big Up to all his Artist Homies in real life for paving the way, so make sure to Download everything you Streaming. U heard !

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