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📅Added:25/02/2016 - Last Updated:25/02/2016
Hanif (Demmo-D) Williams, Jamaican Dancehall/ Reggae Artiste, Was born In St. Thomas, Jamaica, moved to Connecticut, USA. He started writing and singing songs (Dancehall, Reggae Music) when he was 15 years old, and from that day his dream was to become one of best the Artiste.
He sing songs that displays; Determination, Independence, Militancy, Confidence and Songs to make the Ladies dance and feel good about them, He also highlights the daily struggles (the people) have to go through with unfair government and fake hypocritical groups and or individuals.
 Demmo D admire the work of Artistes like Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson and Every Artiste that Make Good Music and have outstanding work ethics.
For Demmo D, music is a tool that brings fort unity so he listens to every Genre of Music.

Music helps demmo in many positive ways, whenever he feels down, he write a song to uplift himself, whenever he’s Happy, he writes a Song about happiness. Demmo D’s Music always changes depending on his Surrounding because he sings about his Life and Other People’s Lifestyle.
Demmo D’s goal is to use music and make a Positive difference in society, and Show the younger generation that no matter where they’re from They can go wherever they want to go, and be successful if life.
Some of Demmo D’s songs you can find on the internet are: Affi Mek It, Go Go Wine, Cant Mek Mi Run, Haffi Come Back Ah Yaad, and And Many More.

Demmo D’s favorite Quotes: Never give up on What You Believe In.
The time you take thinking about Quitting, Is the Time You waste moving closer to your Goal.
Everything this Takes Time.
Hard work brings Success.

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